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Business Experts agree:

Does what you say have an impact on what you earn? Would you like to be more polished and powerful when you’re called on to give a presentation?

Every time we speak we telegraph who we are and what we have to offer. Doing so clearly and persuasively is the single most critical skill for improving our bottom line. Yet most executives, managers and entrepreneurs don’t take the time to develop their speaking capacity. And it may be costing them more business than they realize.

In the 4th century B.C., the Greek philosopher Aristotle—one of the greatest orators of all time—identified three essential elements that have been the hallmark of persuasive speaking for over 24 centuries. Master them, and you’ll increase your earnings potential and your impact in the world:

Our credibility factor: our “professional pedigree”; our presence; who we are and what we stand for; our reputation; how we represent ourselves. Through Ethos we earn the respect and trust of our listeners. Without it, people are unlikely to buy our products and services or take us seriously.

Our ability to communicate according to the values, emotions and passions of our listeners. Pathos speaks to what excites or ennobles them—their “hotbuttons.” Many buying decisions emanate from emotional decision even though they may be finalized with logic. When we know these triggers, and our listeners sense a high level of empathy and passion from us, they’ll not only stay engaged, they’ll want what we’re offering.

The logical unfolding of our message. The presentation of information or knowledge
that is compelling, clear, logical, inspiring and relevant to the listeners’ needs and desires. Whenever we speak, our listeners are asking: “Does this make sense? How is this relevant to me?” The content of what we say and in what order we say it is critical to enrolling our listeners.

When all three elements are present, we are Authentically Speaking™.

Presentation coaching can support you in mastering these essential 3 elements of persuasive speaking success. Call today for a complimentary review to find out how it can improve your business results.

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